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Let's rewind and visit the golden age of music, the 90s. This blog is dedicated mostly to late 80s and 90s R&B slow jams along side with some Hip-Hop.
I will also be posting new music from 90s artists because I feel that they don't get the radio airplay they deserve.
New emerging artists are posted weekly.
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ARTIST: Michael Jackson
ALBUM: Invincible
TRACK: Butterflies

Michael Jackson | Butterflies

(c) Epic Records (2001)

ARTIST: Michael Jackson
ALBUM: Dangerous
TRACK: Remember The Time
PLAYS: 2,869

Michael Jackson | Remember The Time


→ Anonymous whispered : You could make people famous that's really dope

Honestly, I’m just trying to bring QUALITY music to people. Especially raw natural talent. I love artist who play instruments as well. That’s why I LOVE Tori Kelly so much. 

→ Anonymous whispered : What's an artist you working with right now I'll low to listen to their music they gotta be dope tho

Well so far just two but I’m waiting for them to finish their EP and single. I met them through social media and we have been messaging each other and what not. 

Jake Daniel Murphy is working on his EP. 

You can check out his song “Soar” on soundcloud here. It’s not an official single, just some acoustic stuff. 

You can check his covers on Youtube. I like his Ariana’s cover “Baby I”

Let me know what you think! 

My other friend Cameron is working on his single as we speak. lol

Mine are as followed:

One In A Million

Rock the Boat

At Your Best (You Are Love)

Miss You