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Let's rewind and visit the golden age of music, the 90s. This blog is dedicated mostly to late 80s and 90s R&B slow jams along side with some Hip-Hop.
I will also be posting new music from 90s artists because I feel that they don't get the radio airplay they deserve.
New emerging artists are posted weekly.
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00s Music

ARTIST: Blu & Exile
ALBUM: Below the Heavens
TRACK: No Greater Love
PLAYS: 300

Blu & Exile | No Greater Love

I HAD to post this song. 

(c) Sound in Color (2007)

ARTIST: Blu & Exile
ALBUM: Below the Heavens
TRACK: In Remembrance of Me

Blu & Exile | In Remembrance of Me

Below the Heavens is one of my favorite Hip-Hop albums. 

(c) Sound in Color (2007)

ARTIST: Michael Jackson
ALBUM: Invincible
TRACK: Butterflies

Michael Jackson | Butterflies

(c) Epic Records (2001)

ARTIST: Michael Jackson
ALBUM: Dangerous
TRACK: Remember The Time
PLAYS: 3,151

Michael Jackson | Remember The Time


→ Anonymous whispered : You could make people famous that's really dope

Honestly, I’m just trying to bring QUALITY music to people. Especially raw natural talent. I love artist who play instruments as well. That’s why I LOVE Tori Kelly so much.